Järnpiller Smide & Hantverk at Bushcraftfestivalen Explore 2019

Our good friends Sara Hedlund and Stefan Åhlén at Järnpiller Smide & Hantverk is always spreading joy and knowledge regarding forging, wood carving and yoga. They have a fantastic skill of making people understand the magic of traditional crafting, living of the land and life balance.
We are truly blessed having Sara and Stefan joining us at our events.

Photo: Järnpiller Smide & Hantverk

During Explore 2019 you can meet Sara och Stefan, see their course offers and attend their workshop in rope making. You'll find Järnpiller Smide & Hantverk in the Bushcraftfestivalen area together with a lovely bunch of other Bushcrafters.

Photo: Jonas Landolsi

The Bushcraft area will offer workshops, speakers, exhibitors and Bushcraft mingle all weekend starting at 10.00 every day. Sara and Stefan's workshop making rope is held once a day:
Friday March 22nd 17.00-17.30
Saturday March 23rd 16.00-16.30
Sunday March 24th 15.00-15.30

See you all in Älvsjö Stockholm Sweden!

You can read more about the event and the program by clicking HERE.

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