The next festival is planned for in September 3rd-4th 2022 in Skinnskatteberg Sweden.

Bushcraftfestivalen's main focus is the knowledge of Bushcraft, Woodcarft and Woodlore. An inspiring way of spreading this knowledge is by letting the skilled Instructors of the festival to speak about their experiences. The presentations are held thought the weekend. Some are repeated each day and some of them is just held ones. A good advice is to keep track in the festival's program to make sure you get a front row seat when your favorite Speaker is addressing the visitors. There's no spot reservation; first come first served. All speeches are included in the entrance fee. Below you have a list over the Speakers you could listen to during the Bushcraftfestivalen 2018. Soon you'll find the names of the Speakers for next festival published on this page.

Alvar SÃμmer (Estonia)
Babek Toloe (Sweden)
Janne Loite (Estonia)
Jonathan McArthur (Canada)
Mikael Åkerman (Sweden)
Rupert Brown (France)
Tonu Jurgensson (Estonia)

To see the more detailed program; click HERE.

Photo: J. Landolsi

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