Bushcraftfestivalen wants to encourage all respectful Bushcraft exercising. The festival's workshops are a great opportunity to learn and practice one's Woodcraft skills. All Instructors are highly skilled in their field and their goal is for you to get the best weekend ever; filled with knowledge and hands on experiences. The workshop's lengths differ pending on the subject and in the program you can see wish workshops that are stretching over a whole day and wish ones just lasting for a couple of hours.
All workshops are included in the entrance fee and  there's no spot reservation; first come first served. Below you can see some of the workshops offered this yeas (changes may occur).

Bushcraft sauna - The Estonian Survival Guild (Estonia)
Cooking food in a fire pit - Sven Isaksson (Sweden)
Drying wild food - Eric Tornblad (Sweden)
Flint knapping - Karin Stålberg (Sweden)
Leather crafting - The Estonian Survival Guild (Estonia)
Making fire - Mattias Norberg (Sweden)
Mushroom walk and field baking - Elles Utemat (Sweden)
Plant walk - Paul Kirtley (UK)
Spoon carvingJonas Als (Denmark)
Survival knowledge for kids - Harry Sepp (Sweden)
Store and Carry - Mikael Åkerman (Sweden)
Small game trapping - Andrew T Price (UK)
Sloyd, foarging and crafting - Stefan Åhlen (Sweden)
Tracking - SARInfo Sweden (Sweden)
Whittling with a knife - Bushcraft Sverige (Sweden)

To see the more detailed program; click HERE.

Pics: J. Landolsi

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