Sweden's biggest official international Bushcraft event. The festival's purpose is to spread knowledge, inspire and develop the international Bushcraft scene in a broad, creative, sustainable and inclusive way. The Bushcraftfestivalen events are planned and executed by The Bushcraftfestivalen Team, a group of friends passionate about Bushcraft & Survival. We are also truly grateful for our Voltaire Team and the Bushcraftfestivalen Partners for their kind support.

The members of the Bushcraftfestivalen Team are:
Erik Palmqvist
Harry Sepp
Jonas Landolsi
Jonas Marjamaa
Magnus de Besche
Marcus Östlin
Mikael Åkerman
Therese Landolsi

The History of Bushcraftfestivalen
Back in 2015 Jonas Landolsi gathered a meeting consisting of a group of Swedish Bushcraft craftsmen. The aim was to start a big international Bushcraft event in Sweden. Shortly thereafter the festival's details was starting to fall into place and after a number of intense months of preparations; August 12th 2016 was the day the gates finally was opened welcoming people from all over the world to the first edition of Bushcraftfestivalen. It was a success and it became a yearly event in Gottröra Sweden. Were you there? Did you take any photos? Please let us know and share on our Facebook page!
During the planning of the upcoming big festival event the Pandemic struck and the plans were put on hold when it comes to the big festival concept. 

The Future of Bushcraftfestivalen
Bushcraftfestivalen is constantly striving to inspire and spread knowledge. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, newsletter and here at the website, to stay up to date with what we're up to. We hope you always feel welcome to contact Bushcraftfestivalen with any questions or ideas.

Stay kind and safe!

Photo: J. Landolsi

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