For the Visitor
The Bushcraftfestivalen's Exhibitors offer high quality Bushcraft gear and services. As a Visitor you get the opportunity to meet the Producers, the Craftsmen and the Experts providing your gear and services. This is a great way for you to get to know, feel and plan your kit as well as next adventure.
All Exhibitors are free to sell their Bushcraft related products and services during the weekend. Many of them also put together special festival offers for you to take advantage of. Many of the Exhibitors of Bushcraftfestivalen are regulars and the festival is very proud to be able to offer you this unique and inspiring forum for Providers and Users to interact within.
Below you'll find a list of the Exhibitors participating during the Bushcraftfestivalen 2017.

Almunge Smide (Sweden)
Bushcraft Sverige (Sweden)
Casström (Sweden)
The Swedish Civil Protection Association (Sweden)
The Estonian Survival Guild (Estonia)
EQUIPT (Sweden)
Grönyte-konsult (Sweden)
Harry Sepp (Sweden)
Hultafors (Sweden)
Ingemar Skog Knives & Leather (Sweden)
Jonas Vildmark (Sweden)
Karesuandokniven (Sweden)
Knivshop.se (Sweden)
Nagualero (Portugal)
Nordic Bushcraft (Sweden)
Nytt, Nött & Sött (Sweden)
Paul Kirtley (UK)
Randall's Adventure & Training/ESEE Knives (US)
Re-Nature (Sweden)
Sharing Stories (Sweden)
SARInfo (Sweden)
Seveds Knivar (Sweden)
The Swedish Survival Guild (Sweden)
Tentipi (Sweden)
Woodcraft by Jonas Als (Denmark)

For the Exhibitor
You are deeply welcome to contact the Bushcraftfestivalen if you also want to be one of the festival's Exhibitors. The festival offer outdoor exhibition both areas sized after your needs. A 3x3 meters area cost 4000 SEK. Small local businesses are offered the reduced exhibitors fee of 1500 SEK per 3x3 meters. The both area consist of a grass floor and any shelter and/or furniture are brought by the Exhibitor. No water or electricity are available at the exhibition area. However; possibilities to charge any hand held devices are provided indoors. When the Exhibitor's vehicles are unloaded; they are to be parked at the festival's parking area. All Exhibitors are more than welcome to join the festival evening mingle to enjoy networking, snacks and entertainment.

Photos: J. Landolsi

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