Tentipi Camp at Bushcraftfestivalen 2017

The Bushcraftfestivalen is very happy to have Tentipi Camp as one of the event's main Sponsors this year. This outdoor concept lets you embrace the elements in true bushcraft style with Nordic Tipis from the high quality Swedish manufacturer Tentipi. Inside the Tentipi Camp at the festival you'll be able to rent your own Tipi (tent). This is a very convenient and nice way to enjoy these Nordic mobile homes during the festival.

Photo: Tentipi

Tentipi is a tent maker deeply connected with the history of Swedish Lappland. Since 1989 Tentipi have offered high quality and sustainable gear to the adventurous ones. The Tipis can today be seen all over the world and the company's research and development is based in the small village of Moskosel up in the North of Sweden. The tents are robust and can handle all weather conditions and seasons. The possibility to house a fire inside the tent makes them both versatile and cozy.

Photo: Tentipi

The Tentipi crew will be on site during the festival helping you out inside and around the Tentipi Camp. You can book you tent today by clicking HERE.

So welcome to meet the experienced crew from Tentipi at the Bushcraftfestivalen as they lecture and demonstrate their products all over the festival grounds where the beautiful tipis are situated.

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Join Us!

After last Summer's success; of course we'll arrange Bushcraftfestivalen also this Summer! 
Bushcraftfestivalen 2017 will be held in Gottröra Sweden during the last weekend of August, and the concept is the same; Knowledge, Inspiration and Folk Fest for the whole family... All in the name of Bushcraft. During Friday participants and visitors will start to arrive to check in and build exhibition booths. Friday night will be a kick-off for the Bushcraftfestivalen 2017 together with a lot of familiar dear faces in the business. The program of Saturday and Sunday will be filled with Speakers, workshops, Exhibitors, food, entertainment and inspiring mingle.

The 2017 Swedish Friction Fire Championship will take place during Saturday. So start practicing your fire skills now and then sign up to participate upon arrival.

New this year is that we'll be selling patches and other Bushcraftfestivalen souvenirs during the festival weekend. If you buy your ticket using the online preebuy service you'll get your patch free of charge upon arrival (only Youth and Adults).

We're looking forward seeing you this Summer!

If you haven't already; contact us today if you also want to exhibit, speak, workshop, sponsor, volontaire or in some other way contribute to the festival.

In the menu above you'll find more information about this Summer's festival.

See ya!

Photo: J. Landolsi

Photo: K. Haulin

Photo: J. Landolsi

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See you last weekend of August!

The woods of Gottröra Sweden
Pic: J. Landolsi

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