Mr Lars Fält at the Bushcraftfestivalen 2018

During the Bushcrafestivalen 2016 mr Lars Fält participated as a Speaker telling us about the Swedish history of Bushcraft. This year we're proud to once again let you know that Lars Fält is joining us in Gottröra. This time you'll be able to meet Lars Fält inside the festival's book tent signing books.

Photo: Jonas Landolsi

Lars Fält is a living legend when it comes to Survival and Bushcraft. Back in 1989 Lars founded the  Swedish Armed Forces Survival School (FÖS) and also during the 80's Lars, together with mr Harry Sepp and mr Stefan Källman founded the Swedish Survival Guild (SÖS). Special forces and civilians from all over the world have been training with Lars Fält as their Survival instructor and his methods a well tested in the field. Lars passion for Bushcraft has lead him along winding trails and long canoeing trips. Exciting stories and great knowledge is also to be found in his books published through the years.

Some of Lars books
Foto: Jonas Landolsi

One hour each day during the festival; Lars Fält, together with mr Juha Rankinen and mr Eric Tornblad, will sign books inside the festival's book tent (the Information Tent). So take this fantastic opportunity to meet the Legend and get your book signed. It's a great honor to have mr Lars Fält joining the Bushcraftfestivalen!

Signing sessions during the festival weekend:
Saturday 15.30-16.30
Sunday 12.00-13.00

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Kalthoff Axes at the Bushcraftfestivalen 2018

We are very happy to welcome ms Julia Kalthoff to the Bushcraftfestivalen 2018. Many of us all over the world are very curius on how it goes with her latest project. Now we have the opportunity to meet Julia Kalthoff to see and hear how it goes with her new axes.

Foto: Kalthoff Axes

Julia Kalthoff has started her own axe manufacturing - Kalthoff Axes. After a long product development process finally the first axe model is almost done.

- I'm looking for those small details that makes a really, really good axe. I've done loads of different prototypes home at the workshop and sent them to a number of professional wood carvers to get their feedback. Then I've gone back into the workshop to continuously improve my prototypes to perfection. Says Julia.

The results; a small carving axe of about 650 grams. A well balanced axe that fits the hand just right. A good tool for fine carving and lighter jobs. Inside Kalthoff Axes' booth at the Bushcraftfestivalen we have the opportunity to test Julia's prototype axe and talk to her about your chances of ordering one this fall. Be one of the first customers to get the first axe model from Kalthoff Axes!

Another nice news is that Julia Kalthoff share booth together with Jonas Als during the festival. To take you chance to also meet this talented wood carver from Denmark.

Visit Kalthoff Axes' website by clicking HERE.

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Some pics from the Bushcraftfestivalen 2017

Here you have some inspiring photos taken last year during the festival.
We let the pics speak for their own...

Photo: Mehis Born

Photo: Ida Olsson @iskogochmark

Hope to see you also this year in Gottröra the last weekend of August!

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Mushrooms and Baking with Miss. Elle

We are so happy to have ms Elle Nikishkova as one of this Summer's Workshoppers. Elle runs Elles Utemat and specializes in cooking over open fire. She works with the concept of Fusion Cooking where she uses locally produced and ecological products spiced with international flavors from different cultures.

During the festival you'll be able to join Elle for a mushroom walk. As an certified Mushroom Consultant Elle will teach the festival visitors the basics of mushroom picking. Don't forget to bring your picking basket!

You will also learn how to bake using a field oven. All kinds of wonderful bread is possible to bake over the open fire.

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(Pics from Elles Utemat)

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To Store and Carry with Mr. Mikael Åkerman

The always so inspiring survival artist Mr. Mikael Åkerman is very well known among us fascinated in the simple life of Bushcraft and Survival. Mikael is a humble nature lover holding a wide knowledge about living together with nature. Via his company Re-Nature Mikael is striving to connect nature, man and technique trough inspiring and learning moments outdoors.

Photo: Marcus Östlin

During this Summer's festival Mikael will tell you about his new and exiting hiking project. Listen to his speech; The trail is my home - a conversation about walking and living. He will also give a workshop focusing on equipment and hiking. Mikael calls his workshop; To Store and Carry - the art of carrying ones burden. 

Photo: Jonas Landolsi

We are very happy to have our friend Mikael as a part of the festival's Management Team as well as one of the event's Speakers, Workshoppers and Inspirers.

A warm welcome to Gottröra Sweden August 24th-26th! Get you tickets by clicking HERE.

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Mr. Andrew T Price will Run a Primitive Small Game Trapping Workshop at the Bushcraftfestivalen 2018

We are happy to announce that Mr. Andrew T Price will attend the Bushcraftfestivalen 2018 managing a workshop covering primitive small game trapping. 

Andrew Thomas- Price has become a familiar face in the UK Bushcraft scene since starting his company Dryad Bushcraft in 2004. He began teaching Bushcraft in order to share the skills and techniques he has learned through many years of travel and practical research. Andrew has extensively studied the techniques and methods of indigenous people throughout the world, and it is this practical knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject that shines through in his instructing and presenting work.

In Sweden Hunters can use specially designed traps for controlling the population of some small game. These traps are usually live traps (catching the game alive) or spring traps (killing the game instantly). By law the Swedish Hunter need special training and registration to be allowed to execute this type of hunting. But there are also several primitive trap designs that in a survival situation, and only then, can save your life when in search for food in the wilderness. Andrew will show you how some of these primitive small game traps are made and managed.

Andrew has presented the online Bushcraft series "The A-Z of Bushcraft” and the ITV Wales "Coast and Country Programme" as well as his most recent series "Bushcraft Masterclass". He has also written articles for Bushcraft and Survival Skills Magazine and The Bushcraft Journal.

Get your tickets to this year’s Festival today by clicking HERE. And make sure to check out the Program to be there on time to get the best spots on Andrew’s workshop (first come first served).  Welcome to Gottröra Sweden the last weekend of August! 

(all photos supplied by Andrew T Price)

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Mr. Rupert Brown will be Speaking About Water at the Bushcraftfestivalen 2018

Mr. Rupert Brown is the Founder and Chief Instructor at Brown’s Bushcraft based in the South-West of France. We are delighted to have Rupert speaking at the Bushcraftfestivalen 2018. 

In addition to his bushcraft school he also has created the Brown filter bag; a canvas course water filter. Rupert have during the years built an inspiring knowledge regarding handling water when out in the field. At this Summer’s festival Rupert will speak about the importance of making water safe using clear demonstrations on the available techniques to make dirty water safe. Making water safe is an essential skill for every back country traveler. To avoid sickness from bad water it's important to stay up to date with the latest facts regarding water purification. Rupert will clarify and explain the process providing the information to enable you to provide your own safe water. Starting with explaining the potential contaminants in water followed with clear demonstrations on the equipment and techniques we can use to make dirty water safe.

Since a young age Rupert has always had a passion for the outdoors. Enjoying, walking, climbing, camping and studying natural history. In 1987 he started a career in forestry and later went on to study for a diploma in Arboriculture. In 1994 he obtained formal teaching and instructing qualifications and went on to deliver both full and part time arboricultural courses. In 2010 Rupert went for a career change combining his outdoor experience, natural history knowledge, teaching and formal bushcraft qualifications he started Brown’s Bushcraft. Rupert has worked in a natural outdoor environment and been close to nature for over 30 years and continues to learn and enjoy the time spent outdoors.

Welcome to Gottröra Sweden during the last weekend of August! 

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(photos: Brown's Bushcraft)

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