Hultafors at the Bushcraftfestivalen 2017

For over 130 years ago Hultafors invented the folding yardstick when the Swedish Mr. Karl-Hilmer Johansson Kollén wanted to embrace the new metric system back in 1883. Today Hultafors Group consist of several brands like; Hultafors, Snickers, Wibe and Solid Gear where perhaps the first mentioned is the most well known among us bushcrafters, for the axes, sledges and knives.

When it comes to the knives; Hultafors today offer around 20 different models and the four last models launched are focusing on outdoor activities like bushcrafting and hunting. Recently also the Hultafors Outdoor Knife model OK4 was rewarded with the Red Dot Design Award.

The Hultafors axe has a very impressive history to tell. Hults Bruk with its forge in Åby Norrköping Sweden was founded back in 1697 when Mr. Jacob Reenstierna purchased the property. There have actually been findings in the area of 5000 years old axes. The more comprehensive axe manufacturing in the area took of in 1880 when Mr. Gunnar Ekelund changed the production method after being inspired by the American axe manufacturing. Today Hultafors offer 25 different axe models and the Swedish axe is a fantastic piece of culture and history that is alive in every way, and well appreciated all over the world.

The Bushcraftfestivalen is very glad to be able to present Hultafors Group as one of our Sponsors and Exhibitors. Visit the Hultafors booth to learn about the tools and meet the people behind them. Also give yourself some peaceful carving time inside the whittling area of the festival. There you have the opportunity to test the Hultafors knives.

Visit Hultafors Group's website by clicking HERE.

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Mr. Harry Sepp at the Bushcraftfestivalen 2017

Mr. Harry Sepp is truly a legend when it comes to Survival and Bushcraft. Back in the 80's Harry Sepp, together with Mr. Lars Fält and Mr. Stefan Källman, founded the Swedish Survival Guild (SÖS); an organisation most of us are well familiar with. Harry also contributed substantially when the method Managing Search Operations (MSO) was implemented within the Swedish Law Enforcement. MSO is the system used today by the Swedish Police Force when searching for missing persons.

Harry Sepp is also the founder of the Civilförsvarsförbundet's well known concept Hitta Vilse focusing on survival knowledge for children. During the Bushcraftfestivalen all kids have the opportunity to participate in Harry's workshop Vilsekunskap för barn (survival for kids) where the children learn how to act when getting lost in the woods.

Photo: F. Samie

The fact that Harry Sepp has been cooperating with organisations like; the Scouts, the Swedish and the Estonian National Guard, the Swedish National Defence Research Institute (FOI), the Civilförsvarsförbundet and the Swedish Survival Guild (SÖS) shows Harry's impressive knowledge on the subject.

 Photo: Å. Backman

Photo: Bushcraftstore

Harry's knowledge is also to be found in various books as well as in different survival forums where he frequently are speaking. Many of us have had the pleasure of experiencing the inspiring and entertaining storytelling Harry when sitting together by the campfire, during the last weekend of August we all have that opportunity once again!

Photo: Jonas Landolsi

The Bushcraftfestivalen crew is very proud to have Harry as a member of the festival's Management Team. During the Bushcraftfestivalen 2017 you'll be able to meet, talk and listen to Harry Sepp inside his exhibition booth, as well as participating in his workshop in survival for kids.

Workshop hours during the festival weekend:
Saturday August 26th:  TBA
Sunday August 27th:  TBA

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Visit Seveds Knivar at the Bushcraftfestivalen 2017

This year you’ll be able to once again meet Mr. Seved Hjelm and Seveds Knivar at Bushcraftfestivalen. The knife maker and hunter Seved Hjelm has been producing tailor-made, practical and beautiful knives and blades since 1990.

Photo: Therese Landolsi

Among his most popular models you’ll find bushcraft knives of modern design as well as small hunting knives and big choppers. So take the opportunity to meet Mr. Hjelm, look at and purchase his awesome knives and blades inside the Seveds Knivar booth at the Bushcraftfestivalen 2017.

Photo: Seveds Knivar

Also visit Seveds Knivar’s website by clicking HERE.

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Meet and learn from Woodcraft by Jonas Als at the Bushcraftfestivalen 2017

Jonas Als create sustainable wood products that meet the needs and requirements of the modern-day life. The highly recognized and humble Danish Woodworker Jonas Als is inspired by our ancestor’s folk art and wood work. He creates functional and aesthetic products such as spoons, bowls and other inspiring objects for your home.

The knife and the axe are essential tools in his work and during the workshops held by Jonas Als at the Bushcraftfestivalen 2017 you will be able to learn different knife and axe techniques to create your own spoon.

Photo: Woodcraft by Jonas Als

The well appreciated workshops of Jonas has limited seats so please be early on site to get your spot in the class (there is no possibility of booking your workshop spot in advance; first come, first served).
You will also be able to see the beautiful products produced by Jonas Als inside his booth at the festival.

Please also visit Woodcraft by Jonas Als’ website by clicking HERE.

Workshop hours during the festival:
Saturday  August 26th:  TBA
Sunday August 27th:  TBA

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Tentipi Camp at Bushcraftfestivalen 2017

The Bushcraftfestivalen is very happy to have Tentipi Camp as one of the event's main Sponsors this year. This outdoor concept lets you embrace the elements in true bushcraft style with Nordic Tipis from the high quality Swedish manufacturer Tentipi. Inside the Tentipi Camp at the festival you'll be able to rent your own Tipi (tent). This is a very convenient and nice way to enjoy these Nordic mobile homes during the festival.

Photo: Tentipi

Tentipi is a tent maker deeply connected with the history of Swedish Lappland. Since 1989 Tentipi have offered high quality and sustainable gear to the adventurous ones. The Tipis can today be seen all over the world and the company's research and development is based in the small village of Moskosel up in the North of Sweden. The tents are robust and can handle all weather conditions and seasons. The possibility to house a fire inside the tent makes them both versatile and cozy.

Photo: Tentipi

The Tentipi crew will be on site during the festival helping you out inside and around the Tentipi Camp. You can book you tent today by clicking HERE.

So welcome to meet the experienced crew from Tentipi at the Bushcraftfestivalen as they lecture and demonstrate their products all over the festival grounds where the beautiful tipis are situated.

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Join Us!

After last Summer's success; of course we'll arrange Bushcraftfestivalen also this Summer! 
Bushcraftfestivalen 2017 will be held in Gottröra Sweden during the last weekend of August, and the concept is the same; Knowledge, Inspiration and Folk Fest for the whole family... All in the name of Bushcraft. During Friday participants and visitors will start to arrive to check in and build exhibition booths. Friday night will be a kick-off for the Bushcraftfestivalen 2017 together with a lot of familiar dear faces in the business. The program of Saturday and Sunday will be filled with Speakers, workshops, Exhibitors, food, entertainment and inspiring mingle.

The 2017 Swedish Friction Fire Championship will take place during Saturday. So start practicing your fire skills now and then sign up to participate upon arrival.

New this year is that we'll be selling patches and other Bushcraftfestivalen souvenirs during the festival weekend. If you buy your ticket using the online preebuy service you'll get your patch free of charge upon arrival (only Youth and Adults).

We're looking forward seeing you this Summer!

If you haven't already; contact us today if you also want to exhibit, speak, workshop, sponsor, volontaire or in some other way contribute to the festival.

In the menu above you'll find more information about this Summer's festival.

See ya!

Photo: J. Landolsi

Photo: K. Haulin

Photo: J. Landolsi

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See you last weekend of August!

The woods of Gottröra Sweden
Pic: J. Landolsi

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