Win a Frost River Timber Cruiser Jr Pack

Now you have the chance of winning a very nice bushcraft backpack, if you help us out by giving us your feedback on this year's festival.
Note that you can participate in this contest even if you weren't present at the festival.

Please fill out the survey by clicking HERE.

To participate in this contest you also need to; follow Nagualero on Youtube and follow Uthuset on Facebook.

The bag is a Frost River Timber Cruiser Jr Pack that generously been donated to the festival from our friends at Uthuset in Huskvarna Sweden.


Our friend Ric Nagualero, who also participated at the Bushcraftfestivalen 2017 as a Exhibitor and Workshopper of Wilderness Painting Basics, has made a nice movie about the backpack and this competition.

The Winner of this beautiful rucksack will be announced after November 30th on the Bushcraftfestivalen Facebook Page and on the Nagualero Facebook Page.

Thank you and good luck!

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The Bushcraftfestivalen 2017 on Paul Kirtley's Podcast

The festival is honored for being a part of Paul Kirtley's Podcast. In episode No.22 of the PK Podcast Paul interviews a number of peoples from the festival's Participants and the festival's Management Team. Listen to interesting talks with; Lisa FentonJonas LandolsiKevin WarringtonJonas AlsMikael ÅkermanTobias Karlsson and Harry Sepp.

Photo: Paul Kirtley

Pleasant listening for those who attended the festival as well as inspiring words for those wondering what happend during the Bushcraftfestivalen 2017. Enjoy!

Thanks Paul for your presence during the Bushcraftfestivalen 2017.
See more about Paul Kirtley by clicking HERE.

Link to the podcast episode:

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Thank you for an Amazing Festival Weekend

A week have now past since the Bushcraftfestivalen 2017 was held. The festival's Management Team is still running around smiling from the buzz created last weekend, and we hope you also daydream about last weekend's fantastic meetings and experiences. This 2nd year of the festival outmatched all expectations and we are deeply grateful for the warmth and generosity you guys as Visitors and Participants spread all over Gottröra during the festival weekend. The fact that you came and that the weather was on our side made this weekend a memory for life. We are deeply touched by the fact that the Bushcraftfestivalen, in this short time, has become the obvious place for meeting people, from all over the world, sharing the passion for Nature and Bushcraft.

Photo: Ida Olsson

A great thanks also to our Sponsors; Tentipi, Hultafors, Morakniv, Equipt,, and Uppsala Trädvård. Thank you to Gottröra Hembygdsförening, Rimbo Pastorat and Norrtälje Kommun for your support. To make an big event like this happen we rely on the loyalty of Volunteers and many other Contributors; you all know who you are and the festival are truly grateful for your help. Last but not least; we want to thank the support we have gotten from the community of Gottröra and the festival grounds neighbors.

Photo: Jonas Landolsi

We hope for the Bushcraftfestivalen to be a continued traditional start to the Autumn. Therefore we proudly would like to announce that we already have started planning the Bushcraftfestivalen 2018. So tick of the last weekend of August in you calendar and we'll meet again at the Bushcraftfestivalen 2018 - August 24th-26th.

Photo: Ida Olsson

Please let us know if you have feedback and input regarding the festival so we can get better at what we do. Don't hesitate contacting us by clicking HERE. If you would like to participate as an Exhibitor, Speaker or Workshopper; it's time to let us know now. If you want to support us as a Sponsor or as a Voltaire; please let us know.

Take care of each other and please follow us here on the website and in our other channels. We will continue to publish articles, movies and pictures from this year's festival. Also stay tuned for some nice surprises throughout the year.

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Ric Nagualero at the Bushcraftfestivalen 2017

Ric Nagualero is an internationally collected, award winning wilderness painter and outdoors man, with more than 12 years of professional experience in his field. He’s the man behind one of the most popular YouTube channels on the subject of outdoor plein air painting and wilderness painting adventures. This year he will be bringing his “Wilderness Painting Basics” workshop and his paintings for an exhibition to the Bushcraftfestivalen in Gottröra Sweden.

Don’t miss the chance to learn first hand a wealth of outdoor painting knowledge from Nagualero such as:

  • How to accurately mix and match natures colors using a limited palette  
  • How to simplify and translate nature’s complex forms into basic shapes and composition for outdoor painting  
  • Learn about values, edges and color temperature  
  • How to create a small painting from direct observation from nature that you create as far as you want and get to take it home with you.  
  • What gear you need for painting outdoors and how to create most of what you need using some bushcraft skills, such as making a bushcraft painting easel.  

You can start learning and practicing some painting skills with many of Nagualero's available “how to” painting videos and plein air painting adventures on his youtube channel:

“With a bit of “know how” everyone can learn how to paint, you just need the basics, patience and to practice, practice, practice the skills you are taught, so you can “earn” and keep them for as long as you live.” – Ric Nagualero

Don’t miss this exciting workshop. You can find more info about Ric Nagualero at:  
The workshop will take a limited number of active participants and as it's not possible to pre book; we recommend you to be there early to get your spot.

Some relevant video links
Painting time lapse of a moose skull in the studio:
How to make a bushcraft painting easel outdoors:
Using the outdoor bushcraft easel:
Painting a forest:
Painting the tipi diaries camp:
Painting a river:
Painting Ric's camp:

Workshop hours during the festival:
Saturday August 26th:  11.00, 16.00
Sunday August 27th:  12.00

Book your tickets to the Bushcraftfestivalen 2017 by clicking HERE.

(all photos in this post are from Nagualero)

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Mr. Paul Kirtley at the Bushcraftfestivalen 2017

It's a great honor to present Paul Kirtley as Workshopper and Exhibitor at this year's Bushcraftfestivalen. Paul is a world wide recognized Bushcraft Instructor based in the UK. Paul own and manage the multi award winning bushcraft school Frontier Bushcraft.

Photo: From Paul Kirtley's Blog

Last year we also had the pleasure of having Paul Kirtley on site, then he participated in the festival as a much appreciated Speaker. We are truly grateful for all Paul has done for our festival in terms of world wide spreading the knowledge of our work here in little Gottröra.

Photo: Jonas Landolsi

Paul is a very enthusiastic and inspiring bushcraft profile who generously share his knowledge on bushcraft in a creative and efficient way using social media and his blog; the Paul Kirtley's Blog. On the blog you can find the series #AskPaulKirtley and The Paul Kirtley Podcast.

Photo: Paul Kirtley

During 10 years time Paul studied and trained under the guidance of world-renowned bushcraft and survival expert, Ray Mears, first as a student on his bushcraft courses and then as an employee. Paul started working for Ray Mears’ company, Woodlore Ltd, in 2003, assisting Ray and Juha Rankinen on bushcraft courses in the UK...
For your information; the experienced Mr. Juha Rankinen will also be present at the Bushcraftfestivalen 2017.
... Paul progressed to assisting the likes of Lars Fält on overseas courses. Ultimately, in the role of Course Director, Paul was responsible for overseeing the running of all of Woodlore’s bushcraft courses both in the UK and overseas.

Photo: From Paul Kirtley Bushcraft

Paul loves to travel and we are so happy that he and his friends has chosen to come to Sweden again. During the Bushcraftfestivalen 2017 Paul will manage a fire workshop focusing on feather stick making and bow drill techniques. You will get to try making fire by just using basic tools like a knife and a saw together with what materials nature provides. You will also learn in general what to think about when creating fire. The Paul Kirtley fire workshop will take a limited number of active participants and as it's not possible to pre book; we recommend you to be there early to get your spot.

On Saturday at 14.00 when the Swedish Friction Fire Championship is held, Paul also will participate as one of the jury members during the competition. Inside Paul's exhibition booth you 'll also be able to learn more about his services and offers.
We are so looking forward to once again experience the impressive skills of Paul Kirtley, get inspired and hang around the fire in Gottröra Sweden. Welcome to Bushcraftfestivalen 2017.

Workshop hours during the festival:
Saturday August 26th:  10.30
Sunday August 27th:  10.30

Book your tickets to the Bushcraftfestivalen 2017 by clicking HERE.

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Dr. Lisa Fenton at the Bushcraftfestivalen 2017

We are so happy that Dr. Lisa Fenton (UK) will join us at the Bushcraftfestivalen this year. As one of our Speakers she will present aspects of research on bushcraft and indigenous knowledge transmissions.

Lisa is one of the founders of the Woodsmoke School of Bushcraft and Wilderness Survival, based in the Lake District, in the north west of England. Lisa apprenticed with Ray Mears in the late 1990's and early 2000's before going on to set up Woodsmoke together with Ben McNutt in 2001. Lisa’s 20 years of instructing bushcraft has also led her to travel to, and lead expeditions in remote environments, where she has always held a particular interest in the traditional ecological knowledge and land-based skills of local and Indigenous peoples.

The central question that has driven Lisa’s curiosity and anthropological interest has been to ask - ‘how do cultures, both past and present, live at home in various natural ecologies. And, how can that inform our own past, present and personal relationship with the natural world?’ In 2006 Lisa’s interest in anthropology and ethnobiology led her to enroll in a master’s degree in ethnobotany offered by Kent University in conjunction with Kew Gardens. Lisa obtained her MSc in 2008, gaining a ‘distinction’ for her final thesis on British wild plant foods. Lisa followed this by reading for a PhD in anthropology/ethnobiology at Kent University’s School of Anthropology and Conservation, which she completed in 2016, gaining her doctorate. At the same time Lisa continued in a supportive role in Woodsmoke, while raising her young son. Dr Fenton’s research area was ‘Bushcraft and Indigenous Knowledge Transmissions’, her work examined the relationship between Bushcraft and indigenous knowledge.

Lisa’s research was supervised by the distinguished anthropologist. Prof. Roy Ellen and comprised an historical review, an examination of ethnographic literature, field work in multiple locations, including Sweden the UK and the USA, in addition to interviewing professional Bushcraft instructors and surveying those who use Bushcraft as part of their outdoor leisure pursuits. Case studies of several iconic aspects of Bushcraft including the figure-4 deadfall trap and fire-by-friction were used to explore a number of themes in the contemporary Bushcraft world.

Lisa joins us in Gottröra to provide an insight into her academic and professional work and the unique perspectives she’s gained from her research. Lisa’s presentation ‘Bushcraft: A history of ideas with a modern relevance’, will examine some of bushcrafts’ historical foundations and transformations, and its emergence as modern recreational and educational practice, while highlighting some of its underlying themes and philosophies.

Lisa is currently working on her forthcoming academic publication – ‘Modern Bushcraft and Traditional Environmental Knowledge: histories, principles, cultures and practices’. She also holds a lectureship at the University of Cumbria (Ambleside, the Lake District), where she lectures across undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in the department of Science, Natural Resources and Outdoor Studies. Lisa is now working towards setting up the first Masters Degree program of Ethnobiological Studies in Wilderness Bushcraft.

It is an honor for us to have Lisa present during this year's festival. We hope all of you will join us listening to Lisa Fenton, August 25th-27th Bushcraftfestivalen 2017, Gottröra Sweden.

Speech hours during the festival:
Saturday August 26th:  17.00
Sunday August 27th:  14.00

Book your tickets to the Bushcraftfestivalen 2017 by clicking HERE.

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Listen to Mr. Sören Kjellkvist during the Bushcraftfestivalen 2017

We are very happy to have Mr. Sören Kjellkvist as a Speaker at the Bushcraftfestivalen 2017.


By now Sören is a well known Swedish adventurer. He has for example; paddled across the sea of Åland, paddled the Norwegian Atlantic coast, traveled Stockholm to Russia in a rowing boat, paddled from Visby to Stockholm on a SUP board and also survived 50 days inside the wilderness of Jämtland.


At the Bushcraftfestivalen Sören will talk about; My Daughter's Dream Adventure. Sören asked his 13 year old daughter Wilma what her dream adventure would be if she could choose anything. Her answer was; to live on an island together with her Father and ride horses every day.


Sören Kjellkvist will give a speech on how they lived during 30 days on an island in Norway.
They only brought cooking oil, flour and some spices and spent the days riding, diving, climbing and paddling. Hear all about it at the Bushcraftfestivalen 2017.

Speech hour during the festival:
Sunday August 27th:  13.00

Book your tickets to the Bushcraftfestivalen 2017 by clicking HERE.

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