The Swedish Friction Fire Championship 2019 - At Hults Bruk September 8th

Sunday September the 8th it's time for the Swedish Friction Fire Championship 2019, held at Hults Bruk in Åby Sweden. 

Between 11.00 and 15.00 the Hultafors forge will be open for you to visit. Come and witness the Hultafors axes come to life in the hands of the skilled black smiths. 
At the Hult Bruk Forge Center a lot of fun activities will be held. 
You are welcome to meet and talk to us managing the Bushcraftfestivalen and get some advise on fire making prior to the fire challenge that will start at 13.30. 

Photo: Jonas Landolsi

There will be a beautiful price table on site from which the participants get to choose prices in the order of placement, directly after the competition.

The earlier Champions
2018, Mr. Tobias Norén, 10 min 23 sec
2017, Mr. Patrik Södergren, 13 min 20 sec
2016, Mr. Marcus Lepola, 10 min 30 sec 

We hope to see You in pole position this year!

Also check out the Facebook event for more info and rules; click HERE.

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