Mr. Paul Kirtley at the Bushcraftfestivalen 2017

It's a great honor to present Paul Kirtley as Workshopper and Exhibitor at this year's Bushcraftfestivalen. Paul is a world wide recognized Bushcraft Instructor based in the UK. Paul own and manage the multi award winning bushcraft school Frontier Bushcraft.

Photo: From Paul Kirtley's Blog

Last year we also had the pleasure of having Paul Kirtley on site, then he participated in the festival as a much appreciated Speaker. We are truly grateful for all Paul has done for our festival in terms of world wide spreading the knowledge of our work here in little Gottröra.

Photo: Jonas Landolsi

Paul is a very enthusiastic and inspiring bushcraft profile who generously share his knowledge on bushcraft in a creative and efficient way using social media and his blog; the Paul Kirtley's Blog. On the blog you can find the series #AskPaulKirtley and The Paul Kirtley Podcast.

Photo: Paul Kirtley

During 10 years time Paul studied and trained under the guidance of world-renowned bushcraft and survival expert, Ray Mears, first as a student on his bushcraft courses and then as an employee. Paul started working for Ray Mears’ company, Woodlore Ltd, in 2003, assisting Ray and Juha Rankinen on bushcraft courses in the UK...
For your information; the experienced Mr. Juha Rankinen will also be present at the Bushcraftfestivalen 2017.
... Paul progressed to assisting the likes of Lars Fält on overseas courses. Ultimately, in the role of Course Director, Paul was responsible for overseeing the running of all of Woodlore’s bushcraft courses both in the UK and overseas.

Photo: From Paul Kirtley Bushcraft

Paul loves to travel and we are so happy that he and his friends has chosen to come to Sweden again. During the Bushcraftfestivalen 2017 Paul will manage a fire workshop focusing on feather stick making and bow drill techniques. You will get to try making fire by just using basic tools like a knife and a saw together with what materials nature provides. You will also learn in general what to think about when creating fire. The Paul Kirtley fire workshop will take a limited number of active participants and as it's not possible to pre book; we recommend you to be there early to get your spot.

On Saturday at 14.00 when the Swedish Friction Fire Championship is held, Paul also will participate as one of the jury members during the competition. Inside Paul's exhibition booth you 'll also be able to learn more about his services and offers.
We are so looking forward to once again experience the impressive skills of Paul Kirtley, get inspired and hang around the fire in Gottröra Sweden. Welcome to Bushcraftfestivalen 2017.

Workshop hours during the festival:
Saturday August 26th:  10.30
Sunday August 27th:  10.30

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