Ric Nagualero at the Bushcraftfestivalen 2017

Ric Nagualero is an internationally collected, award winning wilderness painter and outdoors man, with more than 12 years of professional experience in his field. He’s the man behind one of the most popular YouTube channels on the subject of outdoor plein air painting and wilderness painting adventures. This year he will be bringing his “Wilderness Painting Basics” workshop and his paintings for an exhibition to the Bushcraftfestivalen in Gottröra Sweden.

Don’t miss the chance to learn first hand a wealth of outdoor painting knowledge from Nagualero such as:

  • How to accurately mix and match natures colors using a limited palette  
  • How to simplify and translate nature’s complex forms into basic shapes and composition for outdoor painting  
  • Learn about values, edges and color temperature  
  • How to create a small painting from direct observation from nature that you create as far as you want and get to take it home with you.  
  • What gear you need for painting outdoors and how to create most of what you need using some bushcraft skills, such as making a bushcraft painting easel.  

You can start learning and practicing some painting skills with many of Nagualero's available “how to” painting videos and plein air painting adventures on his youtube channel: http://youtube.com/nagualero

“With a bit of “know how” everyone can learn how to paint, you just need the basics, patience and to practice, practice, practice the skills you are taught, so you can “earn” and keep them for as long as you live.” – Ric Nagualero

Don’t miss this exciting workshop. You can find more info about Ric Nagualero at:
The workshop will take a limited number of active participants and as it's not possible to pre book; we recommend you to be there early to get your spot.

Some relevant video links
Painting time lapse of a moose skull in the studio:
How to make a bushcraft painting easel outdoors:
Using the outdoor bushcraft easel:
Painting a forest:
Painting the tipi diaries camp:
Painting a river:
Painting Ric's camp:

Workshop hours during the festival:
Saturday August 26th:  11.00, 16.00
Sunday August 27th:  12.00

Book your tickets to the Bushcraftfestivalen 2017 by clicking HERE.

(all photos in this post are from Nagualero)

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