Mr. Mattias Norberg will be Managing a Fire Workshop During the Bushcraftfestivalen 2018

Mr. Mattias Norberg is a very inspiring Bushcrafter based in Ystad in the South of Sweden. His curiosity regarding creating fire by using primitive skills has led him to a deep knowledge on the subject. Mattias has for instance published the impressive document called “Eldborren” back in 2004.

Photo: Mattias Norberg

During the Bushcraftfestivalen 2018 Mattias Norberg will be managing a fire workshop. The fire is a very fundamental component of Bushcraft and Survival. The fire keeps us dry, warm, feed and at ease. We are very much looking forward to this Summer's workshop when Mattias will be sharing his skills in fire techniques like; bowdrill and fire steel, and also show how to create effective tinder and feather sticks to catch ember and sparks when lighting your fire.

Photo: Jonas Landolsi

Mattias will also be part of the jury judging the Swedish Friction Fire Championship 2018 during the festival. A warm welcome to Mattias and all the visitors, see you in Gottröra Sweden August 24th-26th 2018.

Meanwhile; we can recommend you visiting Mattias Norberg's Youtube channel for inspiration and knowledge; click HERE.

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