Mr. Andrew T Price will Run a Primitive Small Game Trapping Workshop at the Bushcraftfestivalen 2018

We are happy to announce that Mr. Andrew T Price will attend the Bushcraftfestivalen 2018 managing a workshop covering primitive small game trapping. 

Andrew Thomas- Price has become a familiar face in the UK Bushcraft scene since starting his company Dryad Bushcraft in 2004. He began teaching Bushcraft in order to share the skills and techniques he has learned through many years of travel and practical research. Andrew has extensively studied the techniques and methods of indigenous people throughout the world, and it is this practical knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject that shines through in his instructing and presenting work.

In Sweden Hunters can use specially designed traps for controlling the population of some small game. These traps are usually live traps (catching the game alive) or spring traps (killing the game instantly). By law the Swedish Hunter need special training and registration to be allowed to execute this type of hunting. But there are also several primitive trap designs that in a survival situation, and only then, can save your life when in search for food in the wilderness. Andrew will show you how some of these primitive small game traps are made and managed.

Andrew has presented the online Bushcraft series "The A-Z of Bushcraft” and the ITV Wales "Coast and Country Programme" as well as his most recent series "Bushcraft Masterclass". He has also written articles for Bushcraft and Survival Skills Magazine and The Bushcraft Journal.

Get your tickets to this year’s Festival today by clicking HERE. And make sure to check out the Program to be there on time to get the best spots on Andrew’s workshop (first come first served).  Welcome to Gottröra Sweden the last weekend of August! 

(all photos supplied by Andrew T Price)

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