To Store and Carry with Mr. Mikael Åkerman

The always so inspiring survival artist Mr. Mikael Åkerman is very well known among us fascinated in the simple life of Bushcraft and Survival. Mikael is a humble nature lover holding a wide knowledge about living together with nature. Via his company Re-Nature Mikael is striving to connect nature, man and technique trough inspiring and learning moments outdoors.

Photo: Marcus Östlin

During this Summer's festival Mikael will tell you about his new and exiting hiking project. Listen to his speech; The trail is my home - a conversation about walking and living. He will also give a workshop focusing on equipment and hiking. Mikael calls his workshop; To Store and Carry - the art of carrying ones burden. 

Photo: Jonas Landolsi

We are very happy to have our friend Mikael as a part of the festival's Management Team as well as one of the event's Speakers, Workshoppers and Inspirers.

A warm welcome to Gottröra Sweden August 24th-26th! Get you tickets by clicking HERE.

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