Jonas Vildmark at Bushcraftfestivalen Explore 2019

You have the possibility to meet Therese & Jonas Landolsi at Explore 2019. Together they manage the company Jonas Vildmark passionate about everything that strengthen people's knowledge about; Nature, The environment, Health and Culture history. At the Bushcraftfestivalen area at Explore 2019 you'll find the Jonas Vildmark booth where you can learn more about Therese & Jonas' services.

Photo: Per Groth

Back in 2009 Jonas Landolsi founded the company Jonas Vildmark wanting to share his passion for Nature and Wilderness. Jonas has always been in love with the rustique forest life wish made him at an early age to walk the paths leading to knowledge about the subjects Bushcraft and Survival.
Today Jonas Vildmark is a family owned company covering all aspects of the subjects, working towards both private and cooperate customers.
Jonas is also the Initiator of the the international event Bushcraftfestivalen which today has grown into a globally recognized brand.

If you're interested in getting your Swedish Hunters License (Jägarexamen) you should talk to Jonas Vildmark during the weekend in Älvsjö. As Hunting is a natural part of Bushcraft; Jonas Vildmark offer unique courses leading up to your certificate and into the world of sustainable hunting.

Photo: Henrik Wester

If you want to hear Jonas speak about Survival; also take the opportunity, while at Explore 2019, to attend Jonas sessions at the Basecamp area at the fair arranged by the company Swett. Jonas are speaking there once a day during the weekend and you can read more about that by clicking HERE.

Welcome to Explore 2019 at Stockholmsmässan in Älvsjö Sweden March 22nd-24th.

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