Mr. Babek Toloe at Bushcraftfestivalen Explore 2019

We are happy to welcome our friend and college Mr. Babek Toloe to the Bushcraftfestivalen area at Explore 2019 i Älvsjö Sweden.
Babek is a man of many skills, and one of his passions is to use his outdoor experience to help and strengthen young people to make the rights choices in life.
To quote Babek:
"Nature doesn't care who you are and where you come from. It doesn't give a damn about nationality,  race, sexuality, religion and politics. Nature treat all mankind the same no matter what."

Photo: Tanja Zecevic

Babek is a warm and vise man with a lot of experience. In 2015 Babek was announced the Outdoor Personality of the Year by Friluftsgalan and he was one of the participants of the Fjällräven Polar 2016.
At the Bushcraftfestivalen area at Explore 2019 Babek will speak to us about his work with nature and young people. Babek's sessions during the weekend:
Friday 22nd, 16.00-16.30
Saturday 23rd, 15.00-15.30
Sunday March 24th, 14.00-14.30

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Also visit Explore's website for further info by clicking  HERE.

See you all in Älvsjö!

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