Mr. Harry Sepp at Bushcraftfestivalen Explore 2019

Mr. Harry Sepp is truly a legend when it comes to Survival and Bushcraft. Back in the 80's Harry Sepp, together with Mr. Lars Fält and Mr. Stefan Källman, founded the Swedish Survival Guild (SÖS); an organisation most of us are well familiar with. Harry also contributed substantially when the method Managing Search Operations (MSO) was implemented within the Swedish Law Enforcement. MSO is the system used today by the Swedish Police Force when searching for missing persons.

Harry Sepp is also the founder of the Civilförsvarsförbundet's well known concept Hitta Vilse focusing on survival knowledge for children. Harry's knowledge about a child's mind in the wild outdoors is an fantastic treasure that has playfully inspired many kids to spend time in nature. Those experiences is both good for the body and mind of the children and can also be lifesaving in a critical situation.

Photo: F. Samie

The fact that Harry Sepp has been cooperating with organisations like; the Scouts, the Swedish and the Estonian National Guard, the Swedish National Defence Research Institute (FOI), the Civilförsvarsförbundet and the Swedish Survival Guild (SÖS) shows Harry's impressive knowledge on the subject.

 Photo: Å. Backman

Photo: Bushcraftstore

Harry's knowledge is also to be found in various books as well as in different survival forums where he frequently are speaking. Many of us have had the pleasure of experiencing the inspiring and entertaining storytelling Harry when sitting together by the campfire, during Explore 2019 in Älvsjö Sweden we all have that opportunity once again! Harry will represent the Bushcraftfestivalen during the weekend in Stockholm. You will also find him in his own dialog corner at the Bushcraftfestivalen area. There you can ask Harry anything about Bushcraft and Survival and he'll be giving you useful tips and trix and his thoughts on being outdoors.

Photo: Jonas Landolsi

The Bushcraftfestivalen crew is very proud to have Harry as a member of the festival's Management Team. We strongly recommend you take this fantastic opportunity to meet this vise and humble Legend! Make sure to attend Harry's workshop at the times below.

Friday March 22nd, 15.00-15.30
Saturday March 23rd, 14.00-14.30
Sunday March 24th, 13.00-13.30

Read more about the event and the rest of the program; click HERE.

Also visit Explore's website for tickets and more info; click HERE.

See you all in Älvsjö Sweden!

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