Saly Vestman Photography at Bushcraftfestivalen Explore 2019

We at Bushcraftfestivalen are proud to have  Ms. Saly Vestman as out official Festival Photographer and of course you'll be able to meet her on the Bushcraftfestivalen area at Explore Outdoor 2019 March 22nd-24th at Stockholmsmässan Älvsjö Sweden. At the festival's info booth on the Bushcraft area you'll find an exhibition showing Saly's fantastic pictures from festivals in Gottröra. By meeting Saly and looking at her inspiring pics you'll learn more about Saly Vestman Photography.

Photo: Saly Vestman

Saly is a passionate Photographer and her drive is curiosity and love for photos and outdoor activities. She have a remarkable eye for catching the outdoor moments in an inspiring and true way. Saly Vestman's love for Bushcraft has resulted in her commitment in the management of the community Bushcraft Sverige, and she have also become a welcomed part of the Bushcraftfestivalen family.

Saly's words about Bushcraft:
"For me Bushcraft is an interest as well as a part of life that gives me the confidence and freedom to handle most situations. Bushcraft has few limitations as the subject is so broad. Bushcraft has given me so many beautiful moments meeting new people. The Bushcraftfestivalen is such a perfect event mixing people, nature and wilderness skills. Bushcraft is so fun! Collect moments not things!"

You'll meet Saly Vestman and her photos at the Bushcraftfestivalen booth and information desk inside the Bushcraftfestivalen area at Explore 2019.

To see some samples of Saly's festival pics; click HERE.

You'll find more info about the event together with the program by clicking HERE.

Also visit Explore's website for further info and tickets; click HERE.

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